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What are the bars for, why should I buy one?

Car grilles serve several different purposes and have both a functional and decorative aspect. They allow the passage of air to the radiator or to the car's ventilation system. This allows the engine to be cooled efficiently, preventing it from overheating. They improve aerodynamics and create a unique modern look. In addition, they provide good protection for the engine, shielding it from small particles, stones and insects that could enter the engine compartment. Give your car an attractive look with a grille from BestAuto.

Are the grilles universal, will they fit my car?

No, the grilles are not universal. They are only suitable for the model mentioned in the title, which guarantees their perfect fit without the need for remaking.

What does the kit contain?

You can find information about the contents of each product in the description. And as a token of gratitude for trusting us, in addition to numerous discounts, you will also receive a small token gift.

Are the grids seasonal? Will they be damaged by different weather conditions?

No, the grilles are not seasonal and can be used all year round. They will not be damaged by rain or snow, or by strong sun. They are not damaged by washing the car at a car wash.

Are they easy to fit and clean?

Fitting is easy but best done by someone experienced to avoid damage to the product. Replacement of car grilles can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. It usually requires removing the screws or fasteners that hold the grille in place and then inserting the new grille.

Cleaning is done using a car shampoo, our recommendation is to use the CARBONAX® cleaning shampoo. After washing the grille, it is a good idea to polish it with wax, again by CARBONAX®, for maximum protection against dirt and to achieve a shiny effect.

What colours are available?

Grilles are available in different colour options such as gloss black, matt black, chrome and many more.

What materials are they made of?

The grilles are constructed from high quality ABS plastic, making them lightweight and durable.

What are the advantages?

Grilles have a number of positives, some of the benefits are:

-They fit the model perfectly;

-Improve aerodynamics;

-Prevent engine overheating;

-Modernize the exterior;

-Protect the engine;

-Available at an affordable price.

What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantage of grilles is that they can be easily removed and damaged, in case of vandalism.

How can I get more products suitable for my car?

It is very easy! Use the search engine/drop down menu. By selecting the make, model and year of your car, you will come across many useful products we have in stock to improve the look of it.

Where can I find informational videos about your products?

For informative and entertaining videos, like our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

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Why choose BestAuto? What are the benefits?

By choosing BestAuto, you not only get products with GUARANTEED quality, but also a range of discounts:

- Every registered user becomes a part of our "LOYAL CUSTOMER" program and automatically receives a BESTAUTO starter virtual club card, which gives a 6.44% discount on any item on the site. Registration is NOT tied to a purchase.

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Can I get the products I ordered in a physical BestAuto store? Do you ship via courier companies?

When ordering from our website, you have 5 options to choose your delivery method, and we work with courier company Econt. The options are:

- Delivery to an Econt office.

- Delivery by courier to address.

As a registered user,you have the freedom to browse the site all products, seeing their price and % discount, to add to your cart and for a final change your mind and request their pick up on the spot from our physical store:

- Delivery to our store in Sofia - Lyulin.

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