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3D Car rubber mats GMAX for Hyundai i30 (06.2012-01.2017)

Price 74.44 BGN
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  • Color: Black.
  • Designed exactly for the model, fit perfectly, do not deform
  • With fastening on the driver's mat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Set consists of 4 pieces: 2 front + 2 rear with tie on the rear.
  • PVC-free.
  • Manufacturer: GMAX - Turkey.

Price 74.44 BGN
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Frogum rubber mats for Scania R truck (2015+)

Price 69.44 BGN
Free shipping
  • Perfect fit to vehicle floor
  • Made of high quality rubber
  • The mats have a sidewall that prevents dirt and water from spilling on the original carpet in the vehicle
  • No unpleasant odor. They have a light vanilla scent.
  • Set contains: 2 front rubber mats
Price 69.44 BGN
Free shipping

Frogum rubber mats for Suzuki Swift (02.2017+)

Price 69.44 BGN
Free shipping
  • Perfect fit to vehicle floor
  • Made of high quality rubber
  • The mats have a sidewall that prevents dirt and water from spilling on the original carpet in the vehicle
  • No unpleasant odor. They have a light vanilla scent.
  • Set contains: 2 front and 2 rear rubber mats
Price 69.44 BGN
Free shipping

What are the insoles for and do I need them?

Car floor mats are accessories that serve to protect the car floor from dirt, moisture and wear. They have a number of benefits and functions. The protection provided by floor mats can help preserve the value of the vehicle by protecting the original carpet and floor from damage and wear. They are also made of a material that prevents feet from slipping while driving. They are extremely important and should not be overlooked.

Are insoles universal?

In our stores as well as online you can find both universal insoles and model specific ones.

What does the set contain?

The kit usually consists of 4 insoles - two for the first and two for the second row of the car body. The exception is for vehicles with cargo cabins - for these, insoles are produced for the first row only. Trunk mats are available in sets of 1.

And as a token of our appreciation for your trust in us, in addition to numerous discounts, you will also receive a small token gift.

Do they smell bad?

We at BestAuto assure you that the insoles have no unpleasant odours because they are made from raw materials that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, for your reassurance, we send each of our shipments with an "inspect and test" option to ensure your insoles have no unpleasant odor and fit perfectly!

Are they suitable for right-hand drive cars?

No, the insoles are not suitable for right-hand drive cars. For right-hand drive cars, we recommend Sahler's universal "basin" insoles, which can be cut to the dimensions you need.

Do they have button holes for fastening to the floor?

On some models, clips are included for extra stability of the insoles. Depending on the model of the coupe, the design of the holders on these insoles varies from simple holes to a complex plastic fastener.

How are they cleaned?

Rubber insoles can be cleaned with water only if they are not heavily soiled. If they have not been cleaned for a long time, you can use CARBONAX® Automotive Interior Cleaning Spray. The same cleaner is also suitable for carpeted. After spraying, you should scrub with a brush and wipe with a damp cloth.

Are the insoles seasonal?

Rubber floor mats are seasonal and are used during the so-called "wet" months - fall, winter and spring - to protect the factory carpet and the compartment underneath from corrosion and unpleasant mildew odors.

Carpet mats are only used during the warm, dry months of the year. Changing the mats seasonally will not only make cleaning easier, but will also help keep your vehicle looking cozy and finished.

Do they wear quickly? Also, are they sold by the piece?

The mats are very durable. The manufacturers we work with have decided for better durability and longer life to offer the insoles with a special footbed. This is a thickening of the driver insole area under the heel that wears out the fastest. This is also the reason they are only offered in a set, because with this protection in mind, all insoles wear evenly. Another reason they are sold in a set is because it is a product that stores a lot of dust and particulates. Their replacement must be carried out within a certain period of time. Even if the insoles are visually unremarkable, they need to be replaced.

Do they have poisonous ingredients that may be harmful to my children and family?

No. At BestAuto, we meticulously inspect the products we offer, as well as obsessively select the manufacturers we work with. Every brand we offer has multiple European quality certifications, but that doesn't stop us. That's why, as an added measure, before any set of insoles is delivered to a customer, it sits in our warehouse to eliminate defective sets. In this way, we guarantee you with our name that the insoles will not harm your health and that of others in the car!

What materials are the insoles made of?

Rubber insoles are constructed from high quality rubber, which ensures their strength.

The carpet insoles are made of polyester and rubber granulate. Each insole has an attractive and exclusive glossy yarn edging.

What is the difference between insoles with a standard border and "basin" type insoles? Which should I choose?

The standard-board insoles we offer have their own engineering solutions to keep dirt and water out of your vehicle's cabin, with each manufacturer presenting their point of view.

While the "basin" type insoles, feature a higher board which is relied upon to protect the original carpet.

There's no better choice between the two insole options and both will do the job you bought them for, but the 'basin' type insoles will cover a larger area of the floor, whereas flat insoles would look more elegant.

Is the rack mat important, do I need one?

Every car has a boot and it is extremely important to keep it clean. 99% of people use it frequently, and many of them daily. If you are one of them, the answer is definitely yes, you need a boot mat. Thanks to it, you will now be able to transport dirty things and cleaning up after them will be done in a matter of minutes. Spilling liquids will no longer be costly and you will save a lot of time because the mats can be cleaned with just water. If there isn't one specific to your model, trust the universal suggestions from our catalogue, which again would do a pretty good job.

Which mats should I buy, universal or specific to my car model?

Universal insoles are a solution for rarer cars that don't come with specific ones, and can be cut to the size you're looking for. If our stores stock mats to match your car, they are definitely the best solution.

How often should I change my insoles?

Insoles play an important role in keeping the interior of your car clean. They protect the carpet from various dirt and wear. It is important to change them at certain intervals, and our recommendation is that they should also be changed according to the season-for spring and summer, carpet, for autumn and winter, rubber. These are also some signs of wear that indicate your insoles are due for replacement:

-The insole no longer grips and moves - This can be very dangerous because it prevents the driver from driving carefully.

-It's in poor condition and has holes - A worn car mat with holes is unsightly and a safety hazard for the driver and passengers. As drivers alternate between the brake pedal and accelerator, they spin their heels, which can wear down the mat and leave a pothole. Thus, the heel can be wedged in the hole and cause a crash.

-Have stains that are difficult to remove - Sometimes we manage to get things like paint on our insoles, which are very difficult to clean. Dirty insoles make a very bad impression on passengers, so investing in new ones is a good idea in such cases.

-They start to retain odors - Even if you have purchased the best quality insoles, when they have not been maintained and worn out, they start to retain odors because they have been subjected to all sorts of dirt.

-If you're selling your car - If you want to sell your vehicle quickly and for a value that you're happy with, putting new floor mats on is a good solution. They give the impression that the car's interior has been well maintained, which will undoubtedly please prospective buyers.

It's generally a good idea to replace your car's floor mats every three years, even if they appear to be in good condition. This will ensure that they continue to provide adequate protection for your car's flooring and help maintain its resale value.

What are the brands of floor mats you offer? Which one should I choose?

In our stores you can find floor mats of:









Each of the brands has its advantages and you can read about them in the description of each product. Select your make, model and year of car using the search engine and the available insoles suitable for your car will come up. This way you can compare them and choose which model, colour and price suits you best.

What are the advantages?

In the case of rubber insoles, we would highlight as an advantage the fact that they are the preferred product of a number of our customers because they do not retain as much dust and fine particles unlike carpet insoles. They are also not as "demanding" in their maintenance.

The advantage of carpet insoles is that they have a non-slip coating on the underside, which is made with the RG-Back system (a rubber granule application system). The RG-Back system ensures the insole stays securely in the footwell of the vehicle while preventing moisture and dirt from penetrating through to the factory carpet of the cabin. Another positive is that the system is sound absorbent.

What are the disadvantages?

Rubber insoles compared to other insole options, we would mention the less prominent reinforcement for the driver's heel as a drawback, but that doesn't mean the insole itself isn't durable. Other than that, the positives of the insole set are more.

With carpet insoles, we would mention the maintenance of the insoles as a downside. Unlike rubber insoles, carpet insoles require the use of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, followed by hand washing and drying before returning them to the compartment. However, the use of carpet mats in the cabin creates a feeling of luxury, elegance and a number of additional positives.

How do I reach more products suitable for my car?

It's easy! Use the search engine/drop-down menu. By selecting the make, model and year of your car, you will come across many useful products we have in stock to improve the look of it.

Where can I find informational videos about your products?

For informative and entertaining videos, like our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

If you've been satisfied with our services or have something to share, rate us on Google. Your opinion is important to us!

Why choose BestAuto? What are the benefits?

By choosing BestAuto, you not only get products with GUARANTEED quality, but also a range of discounts:

- Every registered user becomes part of our "LOYAL CUSTOMER" program and automatically receives a starter virtual BESTAUTO club card, which gives a 6.44% discount on any item on the site. Registration is NOT tied to a purchase.

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Can I get the products I ordered in a physical BestAuto store? Do you ship via courier companies?

When ordering from our website, you have 5 options to choose your delivery method, and we work with courier company Econt. The options are:

- Delivery to an Econt office.

- Delivery by courier to address.

As a registered user,you have the freedom to browse the site all products, seeing their price and % discount, to add to your cart and for the final to change your mind and request their pick up on the spot from our physical store:

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