Bulgarian to take part in Red Bull Car Park

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In two hours, the Blvd. "Cherni Vrh" turned into an improvised drift track and offered enough adrenaline to the audience.

In just two hours, "Cherni Vrah" Boulevard turned into an improvised drift track and offered enough adrenaline to the audience. The reason for the awakening was the search for the next born talent, who would compete for the Red Bull World Title in Dubai this year.

Everything good happens in Dubai, but you'll have to wait until November for the results from there. What exactly happened on Sunday? "Cherni Vrah" turned into a scene from "Need For Speed - Pro Street". The music was powerful enough to prevent grandmas from watching Turkish series, and it was accompanied by the whistling of tires, accompanied by the roar of powerful engines.

If you ever attend such competitions, be sure to bring your sunglasses. You'll collect enough black dust from each racer as they zoom past you at full throttle. It's guaranteed to be very beautiful, but not so pleasant after the 16th time.

The track was designed by Alexander Grinchuk. He can boast several titles in Formula Drift, and on that day he was also the chief judge of the whole event. Grin was looking for originality and quality execution, and the final vote was left to the audience. All applause gave an additional 10 points to the racers who went into "Ninja" mode.

After the first two rounds, the opponents were reduced to 4. The finalists are known to everyone in the drift circles, as they have been the regular suspects in chasing the first place for several years.

Krasimir Stefanov with Toyota Supra.

Alexander Yazov - "The Matrix" with BMW E30 344i.

Volen Vasilev with Audi 100 Quattro (from the judge, we learned that there is a V-8 engine under the hood).

Pavlin Penev also with BMW.

Minutes before the final race, the chief judge got behind the wheel of his Nissan 350Z to show the best way to navigate the track. The champion demonstrated his skills on the track and raised the white clouds around the track in seconds.

The skeptics managed to see the benefit of drifting in parallel parking, after Grinchuk slid with his car between two MiniCoopers on the track. We don't recommend trying this with your family vehicle!

After the chief judge's performance, all that was left was to see the winner, who would receive a ticket to Dubai. The presentation of the four participants was of an extremely high level. We didn't see any mistakes in their performance. Each one was striving to give their best and press the pedal to the metal to leave more marks on the boulevard.

We hoped that the cup would go to Volen Vasilev, but Krasimir Stefanov's last performance spoke volumes and put an end to all doubts. His Supra entered every turn at high speed and left thick white smoke from the hot tires.

The photo is by Lyubomir Asenov.

We secretly hope that this won't be the last time we'll see a competition of this kind in the center of Sofia. We wish Krasimir Stefanov success in Dubai and hope he will be able to represent us with quality drift in front of foreigners.

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