I went up against my father… (who won?)

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Words from Kristalina about DRIFT INVASION 2023

"The first drift event of this season has passed, and what I can say is that we encountered a series of difficulties, a new car, and truly dreadful weather...

But I'm fully aware that every new beginning is difficult, and with respect to the new car I'm driving this year, it will certainly take me time to perfect the way I handle it, to become one with it, because one of the most important things in our sport is to be able to control your car, and therefore I hope with more training we will eliminate mistakes and further develop.

Dreadful Weather

Due to the variable weather over the weekend, I constantly had to drive in different conditions, so in one practice, I drove on wet... then on dry, which personally for me, given that I'm driving a new car, it was very difficult for me to push to the max and master the car as best as possible considering the laid out track.

The Battles!

Of course, when it came to tandem battles.
This is the essence of drifting with my huge luck, I came against my father...

Krasimir Stefanov

3-time drift champion of Bulgaria
One of the founders of drifting in our country, a man with a lot of experience and victories.

Although he laid the foundations for me in drifting, I have never competed with him before, and certainly not in a competitive manner. As you might imagine, I was terribly overwhelmed that I didn't stand a chance against him.

Another very key factor is that the car I'm racing with is barely 300 horsepower, and my father's car (Krasimir Stefanov) is over 550 horsepower. This further made me want to give up at the start, but I remembered all the people who stood behind me and believed that I would win, and they gave me the strength to stand up against one of the best.

After our first tandem battle, the judge decided to repeat it due to an evenly matched performance.
As you might expect, it became very tense... we were equal, something that didn't even cross my mind before we started. This gave me the strength the next time to give it my all! I was determined to beat him!

After our second tandem battle, it became very emotional. We got out of the cars and hugged, it was an honor for me to share a track with the man who taught me and ignited the passion for this sport in me, and I can't describe the emotions I experienced at that moment and throughout our whole battle. Although I lost, I will never forget this moment. It motivated me, and next round, I'm coming back stronger than ever.

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