Are wind deflectors a useful accessory?

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Windbreaks are an accessory that will really make your trip more enjoyable.

In the modern world of automobiles, there are accessories that are a practical aid to the driver during movement.

Wind deflectors are one of them. In our regions, you can encounter them under several key names, such as - wind blockers, windshields, air deflectors, or wind guards. Here we will call them "wind deflectors" for simplicity, and we will add that on the Bulgarian market, wind deflectors from several manufacturers are available.

Undoubtedly, the most well-known brand that has established itself in Bulgaria is the Polish company Hekо. The company produces and maintains wind deflectors for more than 1500 car models, which speaks volumes about its scale. Another European brand that can be found on the market is from the German company Clim Air. It also offers wind deflectors for more than 1000 car models, but their delivery is usually delayed because they are manufactured on demand. Another important thing to note is that while Heko wind deflectors are only available in black, the German ClimAir deflectors are offered in three colors - black, dark gray, and transparent. This gives you the opportunity to match them best with the color of your car. There are also "Chinese" wind deflectors on the market, which closely resemble the Polish ones in shape and color, but they cannot boast the wide variety of models supported by Heko and ClimAir.

When it comes to price, the difference between European and Chinese wind deflectors is significant. But as we mentioned earlier, the lack of variety, as well as doubts about the quality from the Chinese manufacturers, still give a competitive edge to their European counterparts.

Mounting Method

There are two types of attachment of wind deflectors to the car doors. One is by sticking with double-sided adhesive tape to the outer part of the door, i.e., to the frame. However, this option is not very successful, especially if you are a fan of higher speeds, as there is a risk of the wind deflectors detaching and causing an unpleasant surprise to the participants in the traffic behind you. But rest assured! Even if this happens, it is unlikely to lead to serious consequences, as a single wind deflector weighs no more than 200-300 grams. The second mounting option is much better and safer. In this method, the wind deflectors are placed in the window opening of the doors, which means that part of them enters the door frame, minimizing the chance of them "growing wings." Polish and German wind deflectors use this method of attachment, but with a small difference between them.

Heko wind deflectors additionally have U-shaped brackets besides the double-sided adhesive tape, which are inserted into the wind deflectors for even better adherence to the door frames. However, German ClimAir deflectors do not require such brackets because, out of all wind deflectors available on the market, they seal the window opening in the best way possible. Moreover, besides fitting "snugly," you can mount and dismount them much more easily than the others because they are made of extremely flexible plastic, while at the same time there is no risk of them being stolen when the windows are closed.

Why are wind deflectors a useful accessory?

Wind deflectors are an accessory that will truly make your journey more enjoyable. The ability to have the windows open while driving will provide a fresher atmosphere in the cabin, while at the same time, the airflow will not hit the passengers' faces directly. Another significant benefit enjoyed by their owners is that during rainy weather, they can slightly open their windows and significantly reduce the fogging of the windows, while also limiting the penetration of rain into the cabin.

Of course, there are people who will argue that the air conditioning and heating in the car would do the same job as wind deflectors. But even if that's the case, they will still be a very good assistant to you.

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