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M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]
M Technik пакет за BMW E60 (2003-2007) [T301]

M5 Design Package / Body Kit for BMW E60 (2003-2010) with halogens

  • Fits BMW E60 (2003-2010).
  • Makes the car look much more aggressive.
  • Ready to paint.
  • Material: ABS plastic and P.P. Polypropylene.

1,337.44 BGN
1,199.42 BGN
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*The offer is valid until: 31-07-2024 or until stocks last.

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    What is this product for, why should I buy?

    Every car has its potential, but in many cases it has not yet been revealed. If you want to differentiate yours from the base models we see every day, then tuning is definitely the solution. The most beautiful exterior change is changing the bumpers and adding sills. Tuning bumpers improves aerodynamics and appearance, giving the car a significantly more aggressive look. They fit snugly to the front and rear of the car and reduce its weight. Every detail is precision crafted and fits perfectly into place. Of course, in addition to contributing greatly to the aesthetics, they also play another important role. The bumpers protect some of the parts of the car in case of impacts and are extremely important. The advantage associated with installing sills is significantly better vehicle handling. The package has TUV certification and is made of high quality materials. Visual tuning not only allows for the expression of style, but also gives the vehicle a finished look. Give your BMW a modern look with an M5 package from BestAuto.

    Is the package universal, will it work on my BMW?

    No, the package is not universal! It's only suitable for the BMW E60 (2003-2010), which guarantees its perfect fit.

    WARNING: First, check if the car has any serious bumps and if the bumper guides are strong.

    Second, and very important before painting the bumpers, is to have them applied to the car to find out if there is a problem before they are painted! Since the bumpers are machine cast, we may come across a defective product or a car that has been hit, so it is imperative that the bumpers are put on the car before they are painted!

    If it doesn't fit, can I return it?

    Yes, of course. But the package must be in the commercial condition we provided it in, with no damage or missing parts on it. Painted bumpers and thresholds are not accepted! You can return the package within 30 days.

    What does the kit contain?

    The package includes:

    -Front M5 bumper for BMW E60.

    -Back M5 bumper for BMW E60.

    -M sills for BMW E60.

    -M halogens for BMW E60.

    -Front and rear bumper: with and without holes for parktronic.

    -Rear bumper: with double diffuser.

    Does it affect the performance of the car?

    Tuning bumpers and sills improve the aerodynamics of the car. They also reduce weight, which can have an effect towards lowering fuel consumption and faster high speeds.

    What materials is it made of?

    The package is made of Polypropylene (PP) and ABS plastic. The advantage of these materials is that they are both lightweight and durable and are easy to paint.

    What colours is it available in?

    The bumpers and thresholds are on transport primer and are tailored for painting so that each customer can decide what colour/shade they need.

    For more information on painting, watch the video on the AvtoNonchev channel where you will get valuable tips on plastic parts.

    Do you offer painting and installation? What is your recommendation?

    Yes! At this time, we offer this service. We work with a trusted car service - AvtoNonchev for the Sofia area. In case you are unable to avail this option, Our recommendation is to have it prepared and painted at a convenient auto paint shop.

    Why buy them together rather than separately?

    The prices of each product individually are as follows:

    -Front M5 bumper for BMW E60 / E61 (2003-2010) without PDC with halogens-514.44lv (7309)

    -Rear M5 bumper for BMW E60 (2003-2010) without PDC-499.44lv.(7599)

    -Tuning M sills for BMW E60 / E61 (2003-2010)-333.44лB.(D12)

    Which makes a total of 1347.32lv.

    Buying the package, you save over 9lv.

    Will it be damaged by different weather conditions?

    Thanks to the high-quality materials from which it is made, with proper use the package will last through every season of the year. It will also not be damaged by washing the car at a car wash.

    Is it easy to clean and fit?

    Fitting becomes more complicated, so it's best to seek help from a professional to avoid damaging the product.

    Our recommendation is to clean your vehicle with CARBONAX® Car Shampoo, which will not harm the paint and lacquer finish.

    What are the benefits?

    The package has a number of positives such as:

    -Creates a finished look.

    -Improves aerodynamics.

    -Lightens the car.

    -Expresses the personality of the driver.

    -Offered at a more affordable price than the parts in it individually.

    -Fits the model perfectly.

    What are the disadvantages?

    The package has no flaws.

    How do I get more products suitable for my car?

    It's very easy! Use the search engine/drop-down menu. By selecting the make, model and year of your car, you will come across many useful products we have in stock to improve the look of it.

    Where can I find informational videos about your products?

    For informative and entertaining videos, like our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and TikTok.

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    By choosing BestAuto, you not only get products with GUARANTEED quality, but also a range of discounts:

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    Data sheet

    5 Series
    E60 Sedan (07.2003 - 01.2007)
    E60 Sedan Facelift (01.2007 - 03.2010)
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    Upon delivery of the goods you pay the amount due to the courier.

    Buy on installment through TBI Bank:

    To purchase goods on installment basis, the minimum value of the product or the sum of them must be 100LV. When you have selected a product worth more than 100LV, you will see another button next to the "BUY" button "Buy with TBI Bank Credit". When you have a sum of products worth more than 100lv and they are added to the shopping cart, there is a "Buy with TBI Bank Credit" button inside the shopping cart. In either case, clicking it takes you to a "Financial Calculator" page. There, you indicate over what period you would like your chosen installment product(s) to be paid off. The total loan amount, what the installment will be, how much you will pay in total and the annual interest rate are indicated. Once you have ticked that you agree to the terms and conditions for online credit purchase you continue to the next page where your personal details are filled in. When you submit them using the submit request button, we at BESTAUTO.BG contact you to confirm and discuss your order. Your details are then sent to TBI Bank for review. Their staff will contact you by phone. The approval process is pending. When you are approved for the loan, we contact you again by phone. The terms and conditions for accepting a couriered order purchased on hire purchase can be read here:

    All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

    Buying on installment through BNP Paribas:

    In order to purchase goods on hire purchase, the minimum value of the product or their sum must be 100BGN. When you have selected a product worth more than 100lv, you will see another "Buy with BNP Paribas credit" button next to the "BUY" button. When you have a sum of products worth more than 100lv and they are added to the shopping cart, there is a "Buy with BNP Paribas credit" button inside it. In both cases when you click it, it takes you to a "Financial Calculator" page. There, you indicate over how long a period you would like your chosen instalment product(s) to be repaid. The total amount of the loan, what the instalment will be, how much you will pay in total and the annual interest rate are indicated. Once you have ticked that you agree to the terms and conditions for online credit purchase you continue to the next page where your personal details are filled in. When you submit them using the submit request button, we at BESTAUTO.BG contact you to confirm and discuss your order. Your details are then sent to BNP Paribas for review. Their staff will contact you by phone. The approval process is pending. When you are approved for the loan, we contact you again by phone. The terms and conditions for accepting a couriered order purchased on hire purchase can be found here:

    All prices quoted on the website are inclusive of VAT.

    Warranties and claims

    [ApSC sc_key=sc2270947774][/ApSC]

    All products that have a warranty offered by our website are mentioned in the respective product.

    Products are new, in original packaging.

    The warranties offered by BESTAUTO.BG are on paper and sent together with the product.

    In order for us to accept and process a claim for a product purchased from us, you must provide us with:

    • Goods Receipt / Invoice / Cash Receipt
    • Warranty Card

    Warranty service is carried out as follows:

    • The
    • transport costs of sending the warranty product are borne by you.
    • Once we have identified the fault, the product will be repaired within 30 days or replaced with a new one.
    • Once the product has been repaired or replaced, it will be sent back to your convenient Econt office at our expense,
      and we will refund you the amount you paid for the cruise fee when sending the warranty product to us.

    A claim must be made to the Seller. When making a claim, you must state the subject matter of the claim, your preferred method of settling the claim, the amount claimed accordingly, and a contact address.

    You have the right to make a claim in the following circumstances:

    • Non-conformity of the product received with what was agreed upon at the time of sale.
    • In case of manufacturing defects and non-conformities occurring in normal operation, within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
    • Improper use and/or improper storage.
    • Impaired integrity from outside interference.
    • Dropping, impact, applied pressure, spilled fluids.
    • Attempted repairs by unauthorized persons or companies.
    • Malfunctions in the vehicle's electrical system.

    The supplier is liable for any lack of conformity of the consumer goods with the contract of sale that exists at the time of delivery of the goods and manifests itself within the warranty period (mentioned in the product) after delivery, in accordance with the provisions of Article 31 of the Law on the Provision of Digital Content and Digital Services and on the Sale of Goods.

    The Supplier is liable under the statutory warranty to persons having the capacity of consumers within the meaning of §6, item 6 of the Additional Provisions of the Act on the Provision of Digital Content and Digital Services and on the Sale of Goods

    Any natural person who, in connection with contracts for the provision of digital content and digital services and contracts for the sale of goods, acts outside the scope of his trade or business, craft or profession or within the meaning of §13(1)(1) of the Additional Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act

    Any natural person who acquires goods or uses services which are not intended for the pursuit of a trade or profession and any natural person who, as a party to a contract within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, acts outside the scope of his trade or profession.

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